Canada is a beautiful country. Miami roof repair is the place where i met a friend of mine who is working in there. He lived in Canada for a long time. He was telling me that this country is full of blessings and not less than a paradise. This country is largest country in North-America. It has majestic mountains, beautiful coastlines, virgin forests and many more beautiful things.


Calgary is 1st largest city of province Alberta. It is a metropolitan city. Calgary has a blessing of Oil and its economy is closely and strongly tied up with oil business. Oil was discovered in early 1990 and after Calgary boomed and touched the sky. This city reminds you of New York. City has so many attractions like Telus Sparke, Calgary Zoo, Glenbow musem, Art gallery of Calgary, Calgary tower etc.


The best known city of Canada is Toronto. The most visited city by Tourists. This city is very civilized. This city is full of Art galleries, museums and much more attractions. The famous CN tower is also constructed in Toronto. Latest music and performing art can found in this city, it is such a great combo. Casa Loma was a great historic castle building which has 100 rooms and 36 bedrooms but now it is a museum. This museum takes you back and reminds of European time. Toronto zoo is also great one. The St. Lawrence Market is also in Toronto which was many times has been watched in movies.


Ottawa is Canada’s capital. Standard of living in Ottawa is very high. It is home of businessmen, politicians and many bureaucrats. This is very charming city. National gallery of Canada, Canadian museum of Nature, Canadian war museum, Canadian postal museum and 3D IMAX Theater are also great places.


Saskatoon is city within province Saskatchewan in Canada. This city is small Paris. Saskatoon is full of bridges, gardens, art nouveau buildings. This city is extremely sophisticated with many attractions.