India is located in south Asia. India ranked on number 2 according to its population. This country has long history and its culture is very rich. Delhi is capital of India.  Indian culture is very open and conservative too, depend on area. Music, art, architect, dance, religion, language and food vary from region to region in India. Dharmic religion had influence the Indian culture greatly. India is birthplace of Indian religion. In India different religions are practiced like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

My Indian friend at Beaverton Pest Control was telling me that Indian population consist upon 79.4Hindu, 14.2% Muslims, 2.3% Christians, 1.7% Sikh and 2% others. People in India speak different languages Hindu, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujrati, Punjabi, Oriya and Malayalam. There are almost 1,652 languages are spoken around India.

Hindu culture has three main religions; Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism. Their beliefs are different. They considered cow sacred animal. They also worship sun. To do yoga and meditation is in their culture and religion as it gives them mental and physical strength.

Indians normally hug each other when meet, in same gender. Opposite gender normally shake hand but it is considered very bad in rural areas. Even standing close to one another in opposite gender is also considered bad. Some gestures and actions are conserved very bad in public like waving hand especially in opposite genders.

Family bonding is very strong. They are very family oriented as their 3 to 4 generations live together in same house. They respect their elders. The women in family take care of house and children and cook food for family. Their daughter-in-laws serve meal to family and then pour it in their plates. Head of family is always the eldest one. On marriage they give dowry to their daughters. Weddings are arranged by family. In rural areas the concept of love marriages does not exist but in urban areas the ratio of love marriages is higher than arrange marriages. There is gender discrimination in India. The men get better opportunities and higher education but women are not allowed to study more (majority faces this problem). In Inherited laws, divorce cases and any other field men are dominant. In urban areas the trend is changing now.  They strongly believe cast system. They considered some casts inferior and some superior.

Indian nation is found of music and art. They mostly use Sitar instrument when they start to learn the basics of music. They dance on almost every festival and occasion. They celebrate many festivals like Holi, Diwali, dusshera, Navratri, Durga poja, Gurupurab, Raksha bandhan, and hemis etc. they cook different desserts and meals on these days and give gifts to each other.

They eat food in combo. They usually make a big thaal which has small sections and each section is filled with different food items. This thall must have cereal (Daal) and pickle in it rest of items are different. They usually don’t take shoes in kitchen. Women in India mostly take off their shoes and go in kitchen.