Karachi is capital city of province Sindh, Pakistan. Karachi is one of the cities which have fusion of cultures. Cultural roots of Karachi are embedded decades ago in 3rd millennium BC. According to 2012 report this city has a population of about 21 million people. Karachi is birthplace of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (the founder of Pakistan) and after 1947 Karachi became home of Quaid.

According a friend of mine who was working over New Braunfels Lawn Care and was basically from Pakistan said that Karachi plays a role of backbone of a country in terms of economy. Karachi is center of businesses, textile firms, entertainment and art, shipments etc. this city has sea ports.

Before the establishment of Pakistan many Hindus were live in this area. When Pakistan established in 1947 majority of population migrated to India (Hindus) and many Muhajirs came to Karachi and Muhajirs are Urdu speaking people; mostly Memoons came from Gujarat (India). In 1980 many Afghans also came to this city from Afghanistan. Many other casts came from other cities of Pakistan so this fusion made a combo different cultures.

Karachi people are called karachites. Urdu language is dominant in Karachi. Many other languages are also spoken by citizens; other languages include Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balouchi, Sariki etc.  

Religion of people in Karachi is Islam (Majority) and minorities include Christians, Hindus etc. About 95% of total population belongs to Muslims. Muslims are divided in Shia and Sunni Firkas.

Karachi is known for its food lovers. Cuisines of Karachi are so tasty and mouthwatering. Meat is important part in every meal or at least in one meal of a day.  Seafood is very famous in this city as this city is blessed with fresh seafood because of presence of sea. BBQ items are popular on every food table. Sindhi biryani is very famous; it is spicy and has potatoes in it as well. Tea (strong tea) is famous hot beverage of city. Taftaan, sheermal, tandoori roti, tandoori paratha, naan are famous breads. One can found the food items (street food or local restaurant to luxury restaurant style food) even at 2Am or 3Am.

People of Karachi celebrate every festival with whole heartedly. Local festivals are Ramadan, Chand raat, Eid-ul-Fitar, Eid-ul-Azha, Eid-milad-ul-Nabi, Jashan-e-bahara etc. other festivals which belong to minorities are also celebrated by minorities and they have full freedom to celebrate those days. Festive holidays are offered to minorities. Cultural day is celebrated in December every year. On cultural day people wear Ajrak Shawls or Ajrak Kutas along with Sindhi caps.